Wozere Events+Spaces has a long history creating memorable events and extraordinary experiences with the purpose of giving a voice to our clients´ unique personalities. We have designed and executed the concepts for stores, corners and restaurants. 

Chufy x Mango for Mango
Chufy x Mango
— Mango
Act Series for Act-Series
Act Series
— Act-Series
Arewá for Casa de México
— Casa de México
Hermès Christmas for  Hermès
Hermès Christmas
— Hermès
Hermès Canalejas for Hermès
Hermès Canalejas
— Hermès
Mango CDMX for Mango
Mango CDMX
— Mango
Flower Markets for Mango
Flower Markets
— Mango
Terre d’Hermès for Hermès
Terre d’Hermès
— Hermès
Masscob Barcelona for Masscob
Masscob Barcelona
— Masscob
Hola Palma by IL-Q for Zara Home
Hola Palma by IL-Q
— Zara Home
Masters of Craft for Bottega Veneta
Masters of Craft
— Bottega Veneta
Paradise Festival for Schweppes
Paradise Festival
— Schweppes
Asphalt Jungle for Heineken PS
Asphalt Jungle
— Heineken PS
Spectre for Heineken
— Heineken