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Isabel López-Quesada
Client: Isabel López-Quesada
wozere for: Isabel López-Quesada
Discipline: Branding
Madrid, 2019
Isabel López-Quesada and her passion for beauty. To evoke the solidity of the projects and the constant transformation and creation of new spaces of this interior designer, we wanted to give sobriety and elegance to the visual identity. This new proposal allows us to channel the creativity, color and narrative of each of her spaces, reflecting distinction and timelessness.
"I know Isabel López-Quesada as an internationally acclaimed interior designer, but now also see her, unexpectedly, as a charmingly low-key domestic goddess, at once glamorous, sophisticated, and salt of the earth."
Amy Astley - Editor in chief of Architectural Digest
"She is one of the many stars of interior design, and here readers are treated to an intimate, inside look at her homes in Spain and France-all photographed by the inimitable Miguel Flores-Vianna."