Creative production
Client: Cartier
wozere for: Cartier
Discipline: Production, Creative direction
Madrid, 2021
Cartier pays tribute to design though an interactive exhibition at the Pavillon of Design at El Retiro Park in Madrid. The iconic brand showcased various iconic pieces from the Cartier Collection.

We were in charge of the production and creative direction of a series of testimonial videos displayed at the Pavillion of Design. Samantha Vallejo, Blanca Miró, Álvaro Lafuente, Nuria Roca and Juan Val, Barbara Lennie and Quim Gutiérrez discuss how different Cartier pieces have impacted their lives and are related with their own personal stories.

Director: Diego Postigo
Photography: Pablo Gómez-Ogando
Production: CAP
"Behind every piece, there is a story."