Coloring A La Par

Fundación A La Par

Client: Fundación A La Par
wozere for: Fundación A La Par
Madrid, 2017
Over 1500 meters covered in vibrant colors. That was the result. The starting point? Six artists hoping to bring the spirit of the Miami streets to the A LA PAR Foundation. The creators weren’t alone: they had the help of the professionals with intellectual disabilities who, every day, develop their work in that same spot. Inspired by Wynbood’s aesthetics, the employment center was transformed —stroke by stroke— into an avant-garde piece of art. In order to expose the finished mural, we organized a beautiful presentation: a festive day full of music, activities and fun.
Okuda, Sixe Paredes, Nuria Mora, Anna Taratiel, Spok Brillor, and Nano were in charge of bringing such a special project to life. In addition to the building’s changeover, they contributed to express what the organization is about. A LA PAR devotes its efforts to integrating individuals with intellectual disabilities, generating a network that provides support where it’s most needed. Everyone’s participation in the artistic process demonstrated what they have been defending for years: cooperation leads to mutual enrichment. It became clear during the Opening Day, in which the audience was moved by everything they saw: a thousand people enjoyed food, drinks, a lively atmosphere and the precious composition.