El Corte Inglés Luxe
El Corte Inglés
Client: El Corte Inglés
wozere for: El Corte Inglés
Disciplina: Web
Madrid, 2017
El Corte Inglés Luxe is a step forward for the El Corte Inglés internationalization and modernization: a digital platform that offers premium services to Middle East and Asia customers.
One of it's main goals is to explain about the El Corte Inglés premium stores and exclusive services. In this section, we collaborated with Carmen García Huertas, a fashion illustrator who have worked with the most relevant magazines worldwide. Her drawings help blending the corporate content, making it more accessible and keeping the site's elegant tone. By the same token, we used a serif typeface on titles and highlights combined with a sans-serif one for a better legibility of the texts.
To build the brand's aspirational universe, the site features two blogs: For Shopping Lovers, with articles about trends and new products and Spain Shopping Lovers, where international influencers are invited to visit Spain. Through these blogs we communicate the El Corte Inglés shopping experience linking it to the local culture, gastronomy and lifestyle. In this section we use photography to amplify the power of influencers and brands images.
El Corte Inglés Luxe is a digital platform that offers exclusive shopping services and fashion blogs. We created an elegant design, giving importance to image through illustration and photography.