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Hermès Objets Automne Hiver 2018
Client: Hermès
wozere for: Hermès
Discipline: Events
Madrid, 2018
Hermès is one the most renowned high fashion brands, especially due to their accessories and leather works. We took care of the fall/winter 2018 accessories collection presentation at Pabellón Villanueva located inside the Madrid botanical garden. The brand proposed the game as the concept to articulate the presentation.
In the first room, we created an installation to exhibit the products. In one of the walls we showed the Carrés scarfs, one of Hermes most emblematic accessories, using wooden structures that allowed them to rotate. The attendants were invited to turn them around and watch them through kaleidoscopes. Other products were presented in cabinets along with some other game related objects such as toy train tracks and rails, mini-golf obstacles or dot-to-dot drawings. The color scheme and the simple forms of all those elements, communicate the brand's sophisticated image.
Kaleidoscopes, toy train tracks, dot to dot drawings, mini-golf courses and Tangram. Games, wood, colors and geometrical forms for the Hermès fall/winter 2018 accessories collection.
In the other room, we used the Tangram forms to build the furniture. For the entrance we created three big sculptures build with wooden pieces. In the center of the room, a big table where two dinners took place: one with the press and another with the Hermès friends. All the atendants were given a Tangram. The catering and the dishes used geometrical forms and colors that contrast with the wood used in the furniture.