Asphalt Jungle

Heineken PS

Client: Heineken PS
wozere for: Heineken PS
Discipline: Spaces
Barcelona, 2017
Since 2013, we have designed the premium zones that Heineken makes available at the Primavera Sound festival; great spaces in which, starting from a basic concept, we set up beautiful constructions. VIP area, Pro area, Balcony area, Press area and information areas; differentiated sectors unified by a thematical thread.
Versailles-style gardens, colorful volumes, geometric compositions, spaceships, dreamy ponds...For each season, a new proposal. Taking elements related to the festival itself, we pour our own imaginary onto the wide surfaces. Facilities as useful as suggestive, conceived to host an avant-garde public who travels to Barcelona looking for the best.
On top of that, in 2016 we took control of the Hidden Stage, a charming spot reserved for the most exclusive concerts. In short: we assemble structures of evocative aesthetic in the heart of our country’s leading festival.