Branding & Strategic Communication


Client: Malababa
wozere for: Malababa
Madrid, 2017
Malababa grows, Malababa expands, Malababa takes the leap and needs to reflect it. With this premise, we set out to elevate its full identity: a process of change that has covered everything: from the logo to the communication, including website and packaging. Our work has consisted (and consists) of extending the qualities of its products to the rest of the brand. The objective: to provide the company with full coherence and tools to transmit its vision.

Malababa is committed to a design whose beauty goes beyond fashion. Yearning to generate congruent visuals, we proposed a series of collaborations with attuned creatives. Their task was not only to explain Malababa to the world, but to do so in their own way. The result? Different campaigns built on a common space, situated between the artistic approach and the comercial demand. A changing but connected, contemporary but lasting aesthetic that represents Malababa and defines the path to follow.
Coinciding with the opening of its most ambitious store to date, it was important that Malababa improved its customers’s digital experience. To achieve this, we rethought its website from the ground, ranking its content and providing greater internal logic. We wanted to keep the tone; submit the message through evocative codes without compromising sales. The balance was relevant: we prioritized the images and increased the usability, making the purchase as pleasant as it is effective.
A unique story and a thousand ways of expressing it: Malababa's DNA, applied to every detail
Committed to the intention of integrating each aspect into the general narrative, we modified the corporate logo and color. As far as the first one goes, we favored a neutral typography, simpler and more readable. When it came to color, we were inspired by Malababa’s distinctive material: leather. We opted for a basic nude that blends organically and is comfortable to look at. Serving as culmination, we conceived new bags in which to take the product from the stores (so special that, we hope, wil become iconic). Self-mountable boxes (to save space at outlets) complete our 360 contribution.