Gallery Day SS19


Client: Mango
wozere for: Mango
Discipline: Events
Madrid, 2019
We presented Mango's Spring-Summer 2019 collection through a fashion and art journey. Gallery Day is the name of a new product presentation concept. A visual experience through the artworks of the galleries of Elba Benítez and Heinrich Ehrhardt, which were mixed with the different collections of the season: Committed, Campaign, Linen and others.
Fashion, art and design. A collection that dialogues with the artistic potential of the galleries of Elba Benítez and Heinrich Ehrhardt.
All the guests enjoyed the journey, and they also enjoyed a surprising gastronomic proposal.
The day ended surrounded by friends, with a French dinner in Le Bistrot de Mango (Cannibal Raw Bar Madrid), where we celebrated with champagne and oysters.
In the lower part of the Bistrot, we ended the night with music, magic tricks and good cocktails.