Intimate Dinners : Christmas Edition
Client: Mango
wozere for: Mango
Disciplina: Eventos
Madrid, 2018
We organized a Christmas dinner with the concept "Intimate Dinners", bringing together many well-known people from the world of fashion, art and music at the Matador Club in Madrid. The guests were able to enjoy Christmas classics interpreted at the rhythm of jazz and cinematographic scenes of the season. This has been the first of the firm's "Intimate Dinners", a series of private events that will bring together leading members of the Mango community in different cities around the world.
Many Mango Girls attended the Christmas gathering: Chufy, Yasmine Swell, Blanca Miró and Nuria Val, among others; the models David Gandy, Eugenia Silva and Oriol Elcacho, the interior designer Pascua Ortega, the gallery owner Luis Sendino, the illustrators Jordi Labanda and Miranda Makaroff, the actor Quim Gutiérrez and the singer Christina Rosenvinge, as well as good friends of the press representing Vogue, ELLE, Icon, Vanity Fair, etc
The gastronomic proposal was also very Christmas. The night continued with a great session of the DJ and friend Pascal Moscheni.