Mango Loves Lisboa
Client: Mango
wozere for: Mango
Discipline: Events
Lisbon, 2017
Clear goals and a map to conquer. After the success of its opening in Madrid, Mango extended the celebration to another European city: Lisbon. Twenty-five years ago, the Spanish firm established its first foreign shop in Portugal; today, its capital’s most crowded square embraces the direction the brand has undertaken. We flew there to inaugurate the new flagship store; a place of contemporary aesthetics that improves the customer’s experience and materializes the company’s vision. Together with us, many guests gathered to celebrate this amazing process of transformation.
The opening of the store served as a starting point. Influencers such as Jeanne Damas, Yasmin Sewell, Julia Restoin and Blanca Miró discovered each detail of the spot, located in the emblematic Eden Theater. Pepi de Boissieau presented its delicate brunch on top of minimalist totems, designed in tune with the architecture of the building. The space, built in the thirties and remodeled thanks to a huge investment, has reunited every collection under the same roof. Selected personalities visited every area, enjoying —while doing so— Mayra Andrade and Jon Luz’s music. A morning, a beginning: Mango introduced itself and Lisbon was seduced.
Dawn came, fun arrived. The Belmonte Palace, a national monument, hosted an exclusive dinner and after party. Brumalis arrangements were added to the 3,800 tiles that decorated the walls, recreating a dreamy scenography. Hundreds of candles, piles of roses, disco balls scattered around the rooms, floral decorations that hung from the ceilings: a proposal as romantic as the city to which celebrities and friends traveled, eager to have fun. They did. Seventy attendees tasted the cuisine of the mythical restaurant Pap'Acorda; later, two hundred and fifty guests surrendered to the rhythm of the night. Mayra Andrade and Branko preceded DJ Daniel Baughman, who drove Nuria Val crazy, model Mark Vanderloo, Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez, Parisian Camille Charrière or the English stylist Lucy Williams —among many others— crazy.