Mango Loves Preciados


Client: Mango
wozere for: Mango
Disciplina: Eventos
Madrid, 2018
Over the last decades, music festivals have become important cultural hubs, catalyzing trends, arts and design. After the success from Mango Loves Serrano and Mango Loves Lisboa, we took music festivals as a starting point for the conceptualization of the new Mango flagship store opening in Madrid’s Preciados street.
Music was the main character in the event. In collaboration with Primavera Sound, Spain's most important festival, we transformed the shop's main floor into a music venue. The musical selection consisted in dj's Dj GÖO and Dj Miqui Puig sessions and a live performance by Christina Rosenvinge and Hinds.
In music festivals, there is a lot to do between shows. Besides enjoying Mango's products, the attendants could take pictures at the Photo Booth we designed for the ground floor. On the second floor, we featured Carla Fuentes and María Herreros, renowned illustrators and contributors to many international magazines, who were customizing white sneakers and denim clothes.
Fashion, music, art and design. For the opening of Mango's new flagship store in Madrid, we developed an event based on the cultural potential of musical festivals.
We also designed the event’s ephemeral furniture and developed a signage system based on colored neons with different hand letterings to locate activities and spaces. Carla Fuentes and María Herrero's neons were designed using their own calligraphy. The neons refer to the night life, the art world and the city; connecting the concept with the location.