Mango Loves Serrano


Client: Mango
wozere for: Mango
Discipline: Events
Madrid, 2017
As part of its transformation process, MANGO has opted for more spacious and luminous locations, incorporating a contemporary aesthetic and technology intended to improve the customer’s experience. In order to materialize that desire to change, a flagship store was installed in one of our most iconic streets: Serrano. Such a special spot needed a special inauguration. We conceived one through three phases: day opening, exclusive dinner and Grand Party. In addition to celebrating, the goal was to evoke the company’s metamorphosis. Our guests became, therefore, allies; responsable of receiving the message and sharing it with others. One day, three events and an idea: the new MANGO had arrived.
Opening: It snowed in Madrid. Sofía Sánchez de Betak, international reference, served as hostess to a selection of specialized journalists, opinion leaders and celebrities. Chef Estanis Lorenzo, together with Pepi de Boisseau’s team, offered a unique gastronomic proposal, inspired by the four seasons. Beautiful snowflakes created an unexpected backdrop. The sixty influencers discovered the many areas of the megastore and left with personalized garments, now a viral success.
Dinner: The nineteenth-century candelabra and Inés Urquijo’s floral ornaments generated a magical atmosphere. Interior designer Pascua Ortega welcomed several personalities, main representatives of the talent and creativity of various generations. Horcher delighted with its dinner and flamenco dancers entertained during the evening. Warmness filled the remarkable house, true protagonist of the night.
Big Party: More than five hundred guests invaded the four floors of Sala El Principito. The cabaret, transformed into a seventies club for the occasion, shone under the flashes of a huge disco ball. DJs Hugo Capablanca and John Talabot animated, among others, the actor Quim Gutiérrez, the designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the stylist Inés Ybarra or the model Mark Vanderloo. An endless list of names that dived into the fun until late in the morning.