Mon Parnasse Fleuriste Contemporain
Mon Parnasse
Client: Mon Parnasse
wozere for: Mon Parnasse
Madrid , 2021
A contemporary flower shop that opens in Madrid which is a garden, an atelier and a walk through Paris. Mon Parnasse does not sell bouquets of roses: it proposes an indolent walk under a blue sky in which you discover and smell flowers, flowers that are wrapped in yellow, orange, lavender papers ... to their new home.

The staging of Mon Parnasse is important. The scenery is playful, romantically French and immersive. The space is based on the architectural plan of the French gardens, specifically, those of Versailles. There is symmetry, perspective, and gaps for surprise. The colors also come from those gardens: the two primary ones are pale green and pale gray; they are calmed and balanced; and the secondary ones: yellow, pale red and lavender. These colors, which are the ones of flowers, give energy and vibration in the environment.
“Mon Parnasse is not a flower shop: it is a garden”