Travesía Cuatro

Client: Travesía Cuatro
wozere for: Travesía Cuatro
Madrid, 2017
What’s an art gallery? An empty space that becomes one thing or another depending on what it contains at any given time. This concept structured the change we conceived for Travesía Cuatro, a contemporary art gallery founded in 2003 and focused on emerging artists. A new logo (black on white: simpler) evokes the same feeling we poured into the web: tabula rasa, clean slate in which things can happen. We composed the site (colorless, pristine) thinking of a skeleton’s structure: boxes overlap and move with you, the visitor; boxes designed to show you what you want to see. And what does someone who visits an art gallery’s web want to see? Images first, information later. Visual impact and usability: that’s what we were looking for, offering easy access to both the Mexican and Spanish headquarters. A place to occupy and vacate, versatile and dynamic; screen with which to maintain a dialogue.
Along the same lines, we wanted to apply this idea to the establishment in Madrid: the facade, previously black, was covered in white. Thus, even the possible graffiti (trace of the urban daily life) would be part of the initial thought: mutable paintings on the surface of the gallery itself. We also incorporated a sign that is capable of adopting different colors when illuminated, reinforcing the intention to modify Travesía Cuatro depending on the work it exposes. On the street, a methacrylate banner. From top to bottom, inside out: canvas at the disposal of art.